TBB Asks Holiday Edition

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It’s time I get back to the blog a bit more, and this month’s TBB Asks seems like the perfect way.  Yea for special holiday editions!

The Questions

My Answers

Candy Canes?
I like candy canes, they are beautiful as decorations, but I’m rather particular about the ones I eat, as I’m not big on super strong peppermint.  My favorites are the multi-colored cherry candy canes, or if they must be peppermint, the pretty ones with red and green stripes.

Christmas Morning?
When I was little, I loved to get up early, but these days I appreciate my sleep.  With the tiny human at home, I’m lucky to get to sleep until 7:00am, so any extra sleep is nice.  Fortunately, I think our Christmas Eve plans will be pretty tiring for Milli this year, so I might just get a bit more sleep.

Shop on Black Friday?
When I was in college, I loved to get up early to try to get a good deal on Black Friday, but the last few years I have generally skipped the whole Black Friday shopping trip.  Though, I have to admit that I did go into the store about 10am for some groceries.

Christmas Tree in November?
Nope. I helped my mom put her Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving.  It’s a family tradition at her house.  However, as of the time of writing this post, the tree at my own house has yet to be put up.  First, the hubs wouldn’t help me get the tree out of the attic because it was because it was still  November, and since then we just haven’t had the time.

Ideas from Pinterest?
I love Pinterest, and while I do get a few ideas from there (like the cornstarch clay ornaments I made last year along with the more traditional – at least for our home – cinnamon applesauce ornaments), I will never have a Pinterest-worthy home.  Our home is eclectic, and full of love and memories, not the latest and greatest trends.

Glam or Ugly Sweaters?
I’m right down the middle between a little Christmas glam and the ugly sweater.  I want to what I’m wearing for the holiday to be comfortable and fun, but also make me look good. 

Wrapped Stocking Stuffers?
I’ve never actually put anything in a stocking before.  I hang them on the wall at the house, but I’ve never filled them. I’m afraid they will fall off the wall.  However, with the tiny human around now, I might consider filling a stocking in a year or two, and I think I would want the things in the stocking to be unwrapped, even if it meant I couldn’t fill it until Christmas Eve.

Traditional or Modern Christmas Songs?
I’m somewhere in between on this.  My favorite Christmas song is a tossup between the hymn “We Three Kings” and Wham!’s “Last Christmas.”

I’m going to have to say no on the fruitcake.  I’ve never had it before, so it might be really good, but I can just think of a ton of other baked goods I’d rather have for the holidays.

Christmas Shopping Finished?
I tend to get most of my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving, but there are still a few last minute things that I will probably pick up in the coming weeks. Gotta have fresh ingredients for those homemade gifts!

Snow in December?
Here in southern Indiana we do get snow in December, at least most of the time.  We had some unseasonably warm temperatures last week, so this year we’ll just have to wait and see.

Charlie Brown or Rudolph?
I do love Rudolph, but of these two, I have to pick Charlie Brown.  It’s a beautiful story with some poignant thoughts.

What about you?

How would you answer these questions?

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  1. anna on December 5, 2018 at 1:01 am

    1. Candy canes have just started appearing in Spain the past couple of years. Unfortunately they tend to taste like just nothing at all, not even very sweet, so I don’t bother. I do miss the strong peppermint of yesteryear! I learned by reading some children’s books from about 1910 that candy canes have always come in a variety of flavours: lemon, cinnamon etc. Where I grew up in the 60s they were only peppermint, usually Brach’s.
    2. My sleep patterns no longer depend on me. This morning I woke up at 6 AM for no particular reason. Sometimes it’s earlier than that; sometimes if allowed I will sleep until nearly 10. It’s all the luck of the draw. I would prefer to sleep in, though.
    3. I avoid any “big shopping days.” I hate crowds, and no “deal” could be good enough to fight with crazy shoppers. Black Friday wasn’t a thing here in Spain until the past couple of years, as we have no Thanksgiving weekend either. The big sales here happen after Epiphany. I avoid those, too.
    4. DH usually puts up the tree on or near 20 Nov (our WA) but this year he didn’t want to be bothered, which worried me as he is 73 and for him not to want to decorate!! I put up the Nativity scene. Later he said he didn’t like our shabby little tree but didn’t know where to get a new one that wouldn’t cost the earth. Ah the joys of living on a pension.
    5. Pintrest: Never use it. Have an account that I made because you have no access to half the images on Google if you don’t these days, but it doesn’t really pintrest me.
    6. Christmas is an at-home day for us, so I usually toddle around in my sweats. Comfort and warmth are what I’m about. Nobody comes to see us, and He has seen me before!
    7. We’ve never done the stocking thing as a couple. My mother used to stuff our stockings with fruit and those “exotic” nuts which in the sixties were mostly available in the holiday season.
    8. Classical/Renaissance music for Christmas please. I really love the King’s Singers from King’s College, Cambridge–madrigals and all that. Youtube is a blessing at this time of year–from crackling fires to snowstorms to any kind of music you could want.
    9. Fruitcake? Love it, but not available here since they closed Marks and Spencer. I don’t make my own because DH wouldn’t touch it.
    10. Christmas shopping finished long ago. Last year I bought a new mattress. This year it was pillows and towels. DH has bought a few little things for me but he is hard to shop for; therefore the pillows when one of my students drove me out to Costco.
    11. It hasn’t snowed in Sevilla since my hubby was about eight years old, which would have been round about 1953. That’s one reason I don’t have much Christmas spirit. Yes I know Jesus had warmish weather and palm trees for His Christmas, but I still miss the snow!
    12. Charlie Brown, though I do prefer the original 1950s Grinch. I see they have made yet another remake of that. They’ll never top the original, though the new one seems to have copied it frame-for-frame.

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