Mental Health Monday – Hobbies

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Welcome to a new year! I hope that everyone survived the holidays with minimal stress. And now that the busiest time of the year is over, let’s talk about getting back into a good routine for your mental health, by finding a hobby that helps you cope with your anxiety/depression.

For me, that hobby is quilting. I find the creativity of the process helps keep me from falling into a depressive state, and the process of piecing the blocks helps with my anxiety levels.

Of course, quilting isn’t for everyone. You may be more into reading, or going to the gym, or any number of other stress-relieving activities. The important thing is really to take some time for yourself.

What hobbies do you find help with your mental wellness?

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  1. anna on January 8, 2020 at 6:57 am

    When I get out of the house and walk that always helps, though I often get busy-busy and forget to go out. We used to go for rides in the car but we haven’t had one for years. I find that saying the rosary calms and settles me like nothing else can, perhaps because the mind, hands, and spirit are all engaged–as well as connecting to God.
    I also divide my reading into “daytime books” and “bedtime books.” In the daytime when my mind is active I read non-fiction, biography etc. Bedtime books are usually fiction, children’s books for choice, or authors like Simenon or Christie, that I can snuggle down with and know I’m not going to be kept awake. Now that the insomnia thing is so much better, I seldom spend an entire night reading, but I still like something mild at bedtime.

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