Learning Procreate

digital pattern created in procreate that features both tigers and tiger lilies

I recently decided to try learning to use Procreate, a digital illustration app. It’s something I’ve been interested in doing for a long time, but haven’t done because Procreate is only available for the Apple iPad.  I don’t own one, and didn’t want to invest in one if it wasn’t something that I would really…

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Online Store

Good news everyone! I just opened up an online store through Redbubble.  This store will allow me to sell prints and products featuring some of my photography and artwork.  You can get to the store any time by clicking on the link to the store in the menu bar, or the shopping cart icon in…

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Free J.D. Salinger Printable

Everyone seemed to enjoy my last free printable, so I thought I would make you all another one. This one has a more grungy feel and features a quote from J.D. Salinger. As with the last print, I am making this one available to you in several other color variations. Do you like to use…

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