#EyeCandyProject52 – Weeks 21-24

red clover

Week 21 Still LifeThese are some red clover that my daughter picked from the ditch across the road from our house. She loves these little flowers, and often asked to go pick the “purple green.” Week 22 Negative SpaceThis was just a simple shot of my “to read” stack. Week 23 DiptychA diptych is a…

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#Project52 – Negative Space

This week’s #EverydayProject52 photography challenge was negative space.  For that, I went with my go-to photography subjects- flowers.  I love being able to take photos of flowers, they’re beautiful without any effort from me, and I can usually get some great negative space in closeups. Do you love taking photos of your kids? Landscapes? Flowers?…

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#OurProject52 – Negative Space

Negative space isn’t something that comes naturally to me when I take photos. This is probably because I like closeups so much.  I’d much rather take fill my frame with the subject, than leave empty space, so this was a great exercise for me. I’ve been doing a lot of book photography lately for my…

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