Basement Clean Up

basement play area

My sewing space is down in my basement and over the last few years, it had become a hot mess.  I couldn’t do any sewing at all, because there were boxes of junk and in all the empty space, and my sewing table was covered in Mil’s craft projects.  So, I spent all I did…

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Getting and Staying Organized

As some of you may remember, way back in March I decided that I was going to make my goal for Lent to get my house clean and organized. I even got started on that process. Unfortunately, life got in the way, and I wasn’t nearly as successful with my goal as I wanted to…

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It’s Lent

Today is Ash Wednesday, which is the first official day of Lent.  Now for lent, I’m either supposed to give up something, or add something to my schedule.  This year for lent I’m going to give up my mess.  Yes, my mess.  My whole house is a mess most of the time because I don’t…

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