Lukas’s Quilt

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You remember that quilt that I started at the beginning of the week?  I got it done!  I have decided that I absolutely love making small quilts.  Why?  Because they’re quick.  I love that I feel like I accomplished the same amount of work as a big quilt, even if it is smaller.

The Road Trip Quilt Pattern I used – thanks Cluck, Cluck, Sew! – was super easy to put together, and because of how it’s set up, the possibilities for this quilt are endless.

I did this one at a crib size, so it’s 36×48 inches finished.

I’m really proud of this, even if it isn’t perfect.  It’s the first quilt I’ve done the quilting on.  It’s really simple, but I still did it – on my regular sewing machine and everything.  I also did the binding myself — with a little help from my mom-in-law, Mary Kay, who came over and explained the process to me.

4 thoughts on “Lukas’s Quilt”

    1. Thanks Maryam! The Road Trip quilt pattern I used for this (link in the post) is free and a super simple project to learn. Nice child sized quilt – which means it’s small enough to work with easily, and the pieces are large enough that it doesn’t take too long to put together. Definitely much easier than my last two quilting projects. 🙂

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