34 Weeks

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Spot has been cooking for 34 weeks now. And with plans to take her early, we are on the final countdown, looking at weeks instead of months.  It’s making me feel a bit panic-y.

Thankfully we had the baby shower last weekend.  That gives me a couple more weeks to figure out what we still need and to finish getting Spot’s things ready to go.  I spent most of Saturday evening and Sunday going through all the cool new stuff that Spot got and trying to organize it. 

By Sunday evening I managed to get everything out of the gift bags and get 3 loads worth of baby blankets, crib sheets, and swaddles washed.  I even got all of the baby clothes organized by size so that I could see what all we had, and what we might still need.  It looks like we are pretty much set for the 1st 6 months of life – longer if she stays on the small side. 

Of course, I am going to be lazy and only pre-wash the newborn items for now.  Since she is small to start with and coming early, I can’t think of a single reason that we would need the 0-3 month clothes right away.

As far as doctor’s appointments go, Spot did well at last week’s NST (Non-Stress Test), and Tuesday’s ultrasound, tho she was apparently sleeping both times because they had to push on her to get her to move like she was supposed to.  And then, since they had woken her up, I got to deal with her moving around like crazy for the next hour or so each time.

I also had a much-needed appointment with my friend the chiropractor this week.  Thanks to the extra weight and change in balance, my neck and back had been bothering me every night for about a week, so it was really nice to be able to get adjusted.  It was a regularly scheduled appointment, and I am just hoping that I won’t have to schedule any special ones between now and when Spot shows up.



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