35 Weeks

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Yesterday marked 35 weeks of pregnancy.  It was a pretty calm week at the office, which was much appreciated since Spot found another way to cause problems.

For some unknown reason, my blood pressure was high at last Friday’s NST (Non-Stress Test). Spot looked fine, of course, but the increase in blood pressure meant that the doctor wanted more blood work. Yea!  At least they only had to stick me once to get the 3 vials of blood they needed to run the tests.  Fortunately, all the blood work came back clean and my blood pressure was back to normal at the anatomy scan on Tuesday.  I think I would have gone batty if I had been stuck at home on bed rest.

The report from this week’s anatomy scan measured Spot as having gained 8 ounces over the last couple of weeks.  Normal growth would have been a full pound, but those 8 ounces put her at 4.5lbs, so I will take it — even if it did move us back into the 6th percentile of growth. 

There are no new ultrasound photos this week because baby Turner figured out the best way to not have them taken. She decided to face my spine instead of the front.  At least I know that she comes by it naturally.

I did manage to get all of Spot’s newborn clothes washed and ready to go.  With all the issues we’ve had in this last trimester, I felt like I might want to get that done as soon as possible.  I event got hospital bags packed for myself and Spot. The last big things we need to do just involve assembling things like the stroller and car seat. I hope to get Matt on those items this weekend.

Otherwise the only real excitement this week was the line of storms that passed through late Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.  They were actually bad enough that my husband and I went down to the basement 3 different times. And all that getting out of bed made for one very tired pregnant lady on Wednesday.

What is going on in your life?

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