Dear Jane

By Andrea | November 21, 2011 |

Dear Jane,I fell in love with your quilt the first time I saw it… of course, I would never make one.  I haven’t the patience to make 225 of those 4.5 inch squares.  But I do love your quilt.  Of course, I’ve always loved “scrappy” quilts made with remnants of past projects.  That’s probably why…

Quilt Progress

By Andrea | November 12, 2011 |

I’ve started working on my quilt again.  Yes, it’s been a while, but thanks to the wonderful ladies down at SewTech in Evansville, I now have the correct kind of bobbin for my machine and can adjust my own bobbin tension.  Apparently it’s not forbidden to do that after all. But, back to my quilt.…

That Quilt Project

By Andrea | October 18, 2011 |

So, it has occurred to me that I haven’t bothered to tell you all how my quilt project is going, in quite a while.  Basically, as soon as I got my sewing machine back, I started having problems with it again. This is a big problem!  Partly, because I’d like to get the pieces for…

Haubstadt Quilt Show

By Andrea | June 4, 2011 |

Today, I went to my first ever official quilt show, with my mom-in-law, Mary Kay.  It was actually pretty fun, although it was a bit strange for me to go to an event where everyone else was at least old enough to be my mother.  That either means that I need to find a different…

My Sewing Machine is Fixed

By Andrea | June 3, 2011 |

Yea!  I got a call from DavCo yesterday afternoon, and my sewing machine is fixed and ready to be picked up.  I’m pretty excited.  They are open until 5:30 this evening, so I may try to go down after work and pick it up; but if not, I’ll be going down to get it early…

Cutting Out the Urban Baby Pattern

By Andrea | June 1, 2011 |

I’m currently working on cutting out pieces for the  48-inch circle.  I’m using the “Urban Baby” pattern designed by Valori Wells for FreeSpirit.  I decided on this pattern, not only because it was the right size, but because in black and white should be a nice addition to my quilt.  Download the pattern yourself at…

How It Goes

By Andrea | May 31, 2011 |

The project is going well.  I have a large amount of my fabric cut.  I’ve completed all of the cuts for the 60 inch circle. As well as all of the cuts for the 46-inch circle.  Although, I did decide to make the stripes 2-inches across instead of 1-inch.  Not only was this less cuts,…

Quilt Progress

By Andrea | May 29, 2011 |

I’ve realized today that even tough I cannot sew anything together for my quilt, there is still a lot I can do.  For once I’m actually going to cut all of the fabric out for a project before I start sewing.  Maybe this will be a good thing.  I’ll even know if I have enough of all…

Design for My Quilt

By Andrea | May 25, 2011 |

As I told you all in my last post, I have decided to make myself a quilt.  The inspiration for the quilt I wanted to make, was a cute mini quilt from the Purl Bee. After some thought, I’ve come up with a plan to incorporate the idea of circles in a design that’s a…

New Project

By Andrea | May 23, 2011 |

So… on top of my super secret project, I think I am going to start another one. Yes, I know… if I’m afraid the super secret project will take a while, why would I start another project? I have two good reasons for that: Sometimes, I feel like I need a break from the super…

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