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Bookish Questions – Would you rather read any ending that makes you feel happy or sad?

By Andrea | January 5, 2016 |

Just a little house cleaning for the 1st book post of the year. I’m changing the title from Booklr Questions to Bookish Questions, because booklr is very specific to Tumblr, and I want to be more inclusive with these posts. Also, if you have a bookish question for me, be sure to ask. Now for…

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Book It – Year’s End

By Andrea | December 31, 2015 |

The year has come to a close, so here’s a run down of how I did in meeting the 2015 Reading List from PopSugar. There were a total of 50 different categories to read a book in, so I decided right off the bat that I would need to mark each category a book fell…

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WIP Wednesday

By Andrea | December 30, 2015 |

It’s the last WIP Wednesday post of the year.  I’ve made a lot of progress on things this year, but I’ve still got more projects going than I would like. Maybe that’s something I could work on in the new year. This week has been all about hanging sleeves.  I’m midway through putting hanging sleeves…

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Booklr Questions – What was your reading goal for this year?

By Andrea | December 29, 2015 |

What was your Goodreads challenge or reading goal for this year? This year I had 2 reading goals. The 1st, my Goodreads challenge was originally to read 12 books, one per month. I set my goal super small because I’d just gotten into reading again and wasn’t sure how many books I would have time…

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Book It – #ReadWomen

By Andrea | December 28, 2015 |

I adore December. Working for a University, I get 2 weeks off for the Christmas holiday.  It gives me lots of time to curl up on the couch with a good book, or three. This December is also #ReadWomen month, so I tried to stick with female authors this month. My exceptions were that Anthony…

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Booklr Questions – What is the longest series you own?

By Andrea | December 22, 2015 |

What is the longest series you own? My first thought when I read this question was the the longest series I own had to be Harry Potter, which comes in at 7 books.  But then I realized that my Nancy Drew books are indeed a series. There are currently a total of 175 books in…

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Booklr Questions – Which book is so special to you that you don’t share it with others?

By Andrea | December 15, 2015 |

Which book is so special to you that you don’t share it with others? Can we just take a moment to enjoy how ridiculous this question is?  If I have a book that’s so special that I won’t share it with you, why would I tell you about it?  Actually, I’m sure this question is…

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Decking the Halls

By Andrea | December 14, 2015 |

Call me Scrooge, but I kind of hate decorating for the holidays.  So many boxes to drag up the stairs, so much stuff to put out, and then a month later, I just have to pack it back up. Don’t get me wrong, homes that are decorated for Christmas are lovely. It’s just so much…

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Anna’s Hardest Quilt – The Star of Bethlehem

By Anna | December 11, 2015 |

So I took some pictures of my hardest quilt. I literally cried over this one before I was done. Little did I know that “Star of Bethlehem” (aka Lone Star, Witness, and several other names) is considered one of the toughest patterns. Why? Because if your template is the least bit “off”, it won’t work. …

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Booklr Questions – Do you read Poetry?

By Andrea | December 8, 2015 |

Do you read Poetry? I don’t go out of my way to purchase or read poetry, but I do enjoy it on occasion.  IAs a child it was Shel Silverstein who gave me a connection to poetry.  And the opening poem in Where the Sidewalk Ends still connects with me today. The Invitation If you…

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