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Communique Backing


One thing I love about making my own quilts is that I can put just as much character into the back as the front. Now, that’s not to say that I do it on every quilt, but I felt like … Continue reading

Works in Progress

I’m so happy! I got the pieced backing done for my Communique quilt. That means that I got to put away all of my left over fabric from that color palette and work with something completely different for a while. … Continue reading

Impromptu Backing


I’m super excited to share with you the backing I came up with for my Impromptu quilt.  I originally started with a lovely orange batik in 102″ backing width. But after I brought it home, I remembered that I still … Continue reading

Works in Progress

communique quilt top closeup

Finished Quilt Tops: I’ve got a brand new finished quilt top to add to the three that were already done. The Communique Quilt top is finally finished. I’m 20 thousand kinds of happy about how it came out. You can … Continue reading

My Favorite Quilt

Steampunk crazy quilt hanging on wall

I’d love to say that my favorite quilt is always the one that I am working on, but I have somehow grown very attached to my Steampunk Crazy Quilt. For those of you that are regulars on the blog, I’m … Continue reading