The Communique Layout

Popularized by Rhonda Dort, who uses the layout in her classes, the Communique Quilt Layout works for both featuring large fabric and panel pieces, as well as a basis for multiple block designs.

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I'm Andrea, a web developer living in rural America with her husband and daughter. I'm excited to share my life with you as I explore some of the great things about living in the middle of nowhere.  Be sure to check out the blog below to see a few of the things that are speaking to me right now.

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On the Blog

TBB Asks Holiday Edition

By Andrea | December 4, 2018

It’s time I get back to the blog a bit more, and this month’s TBB Asks seems like the perfect way.  Yea for special holiday editions! The Questions My Answers Candy Canes?I like candy canes, they are beautiful as decorations, but I’m rather particular about the ones I eat, as I’m not big on super…

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8 Recipes for Your Holiday Baking

By Andrea | November 30, 2018

Holiday baking is a big deal in my family.  Each year my sisters and I get together at my mom’s house and spend a day baking cookies and other treats to share for the holiday season.  Last year we even made ornaments for Milli’s 1st Christmas. This year, I want to share a little of…

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Mildred Jane @ 20 Months

By Andrea | November 12, 2018

Mildred is growing up, a little at a time. In the last month, she’s done a lot better communicating what she wants with words instead of just crying until I figure out what she wants. I think Milli might be going thru a growth spurt, because she’s been wanting to eat constantly for the last…

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A Gift from Cracker Barrel

By Andrea | November 7, 2018

A while back, I wrote an update on Mildred for her 18-month birthday.  In that update, I mentioned that Milli had her 1st visit to Cracker Barrel and how much she liked it. One of Cracker Barrel’s toy buyers came across the post, and sent a lovely email to me and an offer to send…

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Mildred Jane @ 19 Months

By Andrea | October 11, 2018

Mildred turned 19-months-old on Wednesday.  It’s been a pretty quiet month for her, with lots of time home with mom while dad has been in the field farming.  She has gained 2 new bottom teeth in the front, and her 1st two top molars are about halfway though.  It’s made for some fussy nights over…

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Quilt Using Communique Layout Places at MQX Midwest Quilt Show

By Andrea | September 24, 2018

I was super excited to hear from the lovely Rhonda at that her Pink & Green Vintage Linens Quilt took 3rd Place at the MQX Midwest Quilt Show. Her quilt, which features pieces of vintage linens, was made using my Communique Quilt diagram in the throw size.  The finished product is lovely and reminds…

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The Monk of Mokha – A Review

By Andrea | September 12, 2018

I recently finished reading my beautiful hardback edition of The Monk of Mokha by Dave Eggers.  I first discovered Eggers when I purchased his book, A Hologram for the King, solely for it’s magnificent cover.  And I ended up quite enjoying that work of fiction which I would never have picked up otherwise. The Monk…

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Mildred Jane @ 18 Months

By Andrea | September 10, 2018

Mildred is a year-and-a-half old today.  In some ways it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long, but in others (like my lack of sleep) it feels much longer. At about 2 and a half feet tall and just over 20 lbs, Milli is still very small – at least for her age.  She’s still…

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Busy Busy Bee

By Andrea | August 1, 2018

I’ve been super busy lately, which means I’ve done a terrible job of updating the blog the way I should.  I’ve been doing lots of work for my design business.  My biggest projects include general content updates to the website I built for Randy & Roxanne Mills, who are local authors.  They’re having lots of…

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Mildred Jane at 16 Months

By Andrea | July 17, 2018

Mildred is another month older.  It’s hard to believe how fast these months go.  We’re past all the major milestones, like crawling and walking, but Mil is still finding lots of things to try and explore. Fair was last week, so she got to go out and spend some time with her dad in the…

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Mildred Jane at 15 Months

By Andrea | June 12, 2018

Milli is 1 and a quarter years old.  And she’s gained some big new skills in the last month.  She’s walking everywhere. And she’s learned to climb the stairs. That means a 2nd gate in the house.  We only had one at the top of our basement steps when she started crawling.  We obviously didn’t…

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Storm Damage

By Andrea | June 1, 2018

We’ve had quite a bit of rain in the last few days, and unfortunately, we had some damage at the house last night. If you’re the same as me then you might want to check out if you’ve got any issues with your property. You’ll want to get any issues sorted quickly. Luckily, we…

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